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Vocal Demos, Voice Overs, Choirs, Ensembles, Quartets, Orchestras, Bands…


Professional Sound System Training, Operation, and Consultation…

Sound Design

20 Years of Experience for Live Theatre Productions of Small and Large Venues…

Live Sound

Over 30 Years of Experience for Clubs and Large Concert Venues…

William Holmes is currently the Lehigh Music dept.’s recording engineer and also their adjunct professor of Recording technology. Bill apprenticed under Atlantic Records legend, Chief Engineer Clair Krepps. In his ensuing thirty-five-year sound engineering career, he has recorded a wide variety of music with an emphasis on live acoustical instrument miking and tracking.

Before coming on board at Lehigh University, Bill enjoyed a fifteen-year tenure as Sound Designer at the renowned Sight and Sound Theatres. It is known for its lavishly recorded musical and theatrical productions. They feature large orchestral and choral compositions that Bill recorded and mixed in surround sound to stunning effect. In addition, he was responsible for designing, recording and mixing the sound effects for the productions.

His other world-class studio experiences range from studios in Nashville (Quad, Oceanway, Frontstage, Starstruck, Recording Arts, Javalina and The Soundshop) and in Los Angeles (Martinsound and O’Henry) as well as Sigma.

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